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    Many health organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommend that babies be exclusively breastfed until at least the first 6 months of life. After the first 6 months, breastfeeding may be continued while progressively introducing solid foods. Breastfeeding has been shown to have a wide array of benefits for young babies and has been associated with improved infant morbidity and mortality.

    Breastfeeding benefits your baby:

    • Provides all the nutrients that your baby requires during the first six months of development
    • Protects from numerous illnesses and respiratory infections
    • Reduces the incidence of some allergies
    • Supports optimal brain development

    Breastfeeding benefits you:

    • Creates a close bond between you and your baby
    • Helps reduce your risk of diabetes, breast and ovarian cancers and osteoporosis
    • Helps you lose your pregnancy weight-gain faster
    • Reduces risk of postpartum depression

    Feed yourself well in order to feed your baby well:

    Just as during your pregnancy months, it is important to maintain healthy eating habits during the months of breastfeeding in order to ensure that you are passing on healthy and sufficient nutrients to your baby. Some tips to follow include:

    • Eat healthy meals with a varied and well-balanced diet to ensure that you are producing enough milk for your baby. Consult Fakih IVF for a personalized diet plan that will assist you in losing weight while breastfeeding.
    • Your need for fluids increases during breastfeeding – drink enough water and decaffeinated unsweetened beverages to quench your thirst.
    • Vitamin and mineral supplements cannot replace a healthy diet. Talk with your doctor or dietitian before taking any vitamins or mineral supplements.
    • If you have an infant with special needs, check with your dietitian for his/her nutrient requirements.

    Can I lose weight while breast-feeding?

    Weight loss after pregnancy during the months of breastfeeding varies among women depending on physical activity, the amount of weight gained during pregnancy and how much breast milk is produced. Weight-loss should be done progressively and in a way not to affect the quality and amount of milk produced. Regular and moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking, will also help you lose weight and will not reduce milk volume.

    Book an appointment with Fakih IVF’s certified dietitian if you would like to discuss your diet and health post delivery.