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  • Care for one ….that’s love, care for hundreds…. that’s Nursing

    Friday, May 12, 2017

    Fakih IVF starts the day by wishing all the nurses of this world “Happy International Nurses Day 2017” A nurse is someone who provides hands-on care to patients, monitors patient’s condition, maintain records and communicate with doctors, but apart from all these above duties, she has the ability to brighten everyone’s day with just a small gesture. They are the one who spends a lot of time with the patients keeping worries aside and carries a lovely smile on their face all the time.

    Nurses apart from their daily job responsibilities also focus on little things which improve the wellbeing of the patients. Nurses are present during the best and worst times of people’s lives; they share in birth, death, illness and recovery. Nurses spend most of their time with the patient and are first line healers. In return, when patients and families express their gratitude, it erases every bit of exhaustion or frustration the nurse has experienced during the shift. Nursing allows an opportunity to give back and do truly meaningful work. Most 9-5 gigs do not allow the opportunity to positively affect a human life, but nursing certainly does.

    They are kind: It is a fact that even a small act of kindness can make a patient comfortable which they will remember, and help them to overcome the hardship they are facing. Ex: a nurse helps you to comb your hair or take you for a walk inside the premises and much more. This might seem to be simple, but the impact on the patient is massive.

    Motivate patients to get better: Sometimes patients get scared when they are hospitalized, which is normal and understandable because no one knows their own fate. Nurses change their worries into a pleasing experience by being friendly and engaging them in conversations when they have no visitors. They give confidence to the patient that everything is going to be fine soon.

    An extra hand: Sometimes in a hospital, there is no extra staff hired who can take care of the patients so nurses take it on themselves most of the times, like bringing them a book, helping them in reaching out to their family, listening to them and accordingly fulfilling their requirements.

    Empathize with patients: A nurse understands how a patient feels. A patient can be petrified, thinking about his family, job, finances but a nurse helps to ease their fear. She treats patient with respect, despite knowing the patient shouted at her because of things he is going through but she understands.

    Ultimately, the bulk of the patient’s care and safety falls onto the shoulders of the nurse. They are responsible for the majority of the care given by everyone else on the floor — even the doctors.

    It is rightly said when you care for one, that’s love and when you care for hundreds, that’s Nursing so let us be grateful to all the nurses around the world.

    Happy Nursing!!