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    Friday, August 22, 2014

    We, expatriate, living happily in Abu Dhabi, UAE since some time. What more a couple needs in their lives, someone to carry their family name. We could not have babies, you can blame it for late marriage, but we never lost hope. With God grace, we started looking out for alternatives and while browsing, we found Fakih IVF Clinic and decided to visit them. First hurdle, the treatment is available but it is not covered under health insurance. We discussed internally among friends, we were advised the treatment will cost you fortune (they mean expensive). We said, even if it is cost us fortune, but at least we have chance to have someone to carry our fortune (family & wealth). With God’s blessing and efforts of Dr. Monica, now, wife is pregnant and expected to deliver by end of this year. We take this opportunity to thank Dr. Monica for warmth treatment, guidance and continuous support and we wish her good luck. Also, we would like thank her team and clinic for providing facilities. We recommend Dr. Monica to all needy couples.