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  • 10 ways to stay positive during pregnancy

    Monday, January 25, 2021

    Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of any woman’s life. Pregnant women are at a higher risk of negative feelings, and even depression, due to hormonal changes that affect their state of mind. It is essential that you keep yourself positive and happy, this directly affects the baby’s development.

    1- Follow a healthy Lifestyle: As the pregnancy progresses you will begin to experience lethargy and fatigue. Once you get into this phase, it is important that you start maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This can be in the form of exercising, eating right and getting lots of rest and drinking lots of water. All these should be incorporated into your lifestyle, as they will impact the development of the baby positively. A healthy diet will provide you with all the emotional and physical energy you require to handle your pregnancy effortlessly.

    2- Read Up and Stay Self-informed: Reading about pregnancy, the various stages and changes that it will be bringing to your life will make it easier for you to cope with your pregnancy as you will know what to expect. Prepare for Parenting and take this time to educate yourself about parenting.

    3- Pamper Yourself: This time is perfect to indulge in pampering yourself. You should enjoy spas and massages, get pedicures and other body massages, etc. It will bring you immense pleasure during pregnancy. However, make sure that any treatments you indulge in are safe during pregnancy.

    4- Practice Yoga and Meditation: Everyday meditation is one of the best ways to stay positive during pregnancy. It boosts your mood and replaces negative thoughts with positive ones. Meditation also helps calm your mind and relax your body. Try to spend at least 30 minutes every day doing yoga and meditation.

    5- Clear all your Doubts with your Doctor: You may be unnecessarily worrying about how difficult your labor is going to be and even simple health issues that may be stressing you totally. The best course would be to talk to your doctor and lay all your fears to rest, which will automatically help to release the tension you have been experiencing. This is why you should be very careful when selecting your gynecologist.

    6- Avoid Negative People: It’s important to surround yourself only with positive people and those who love you. Always stay away from those who have the tendency to be negative or cynical about life. Spending more time with positive people will help you maintain a positive attitude and feel happy. It’s extremely important to stay positive as well as healthy during pregnancy. This is no time to indulge in extra stress and cause burden to your mind and heart.

    7- Write a Journal: It would be exciting to record how you feel and what you experience during pregnancy. These memories recorded in text and video forms go on to become lifetime memories and you want to show off all these memoirs to your child years after his or her arrival.

    8- Be Involved in Preparations for the Arrival of your Baby: The activities that are carried during this phase should be relished so that they bring excitement as you wait for the arrival of the baby.

    9- Be Prudent: Plan for your finances in advance. Once the baby arrives there will be a shift in expenses and your worry might increase as your due date comes closer, resulting in a feeling of negativity.

    10- Join a Group or Forum: Becoming a part of a pregnancy group of like minded women who are in various stages of pregnancy will help you relax to a great extent and discover you are not the only one going through all your pregnancy woes.